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Thayer had long ago gone mad, Elaine told her daughter, and was shut off from the world. The news fell hard on Nancy, who had only thought previously that her "parents'" lack of communication was a consequence of their divorce. When she arrived in New York in June Nancy, apparently, did not immediately tap into the large trust fund that Thayer had set up for her some 20 years before.

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It was there that Nancy met Mrs Roosevelt's son, Willard, who was to become her husband. Once engaged, Nancy moved to Virginia, near Willard's Norfolk naval base. But after she married Roosevelt in , when he was on leave, she quit her job and settled down as a navy wife at a house near the Norfolk base. In the summer of , Nancy's mother-in-law rented a summer place in the mountains of New Hampshire, just up the road from Joy Farm, EE Cummings's summer home. Since Nancy was pregnant and Willard was in the Pacific, Mrs Roosevelt invited her to spend the summer there, away from the oppressive Virginia heat.

Cummings's old friend Billy James, son of William James, lived nearby and over the summer became quite friendly with the new residents. In early August, James invited Cummings and Marion over for lunch. Also present was Mrs Roosevelt. Over the course of the visit, Cummings learned, as he told a friend later, that her son was Nancy's husband.

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Cummings spent the following summer and early autumn, as usual, at Joy Farm. Perhaps because he realised that Nancy and her husband, now back from commanding a ship in the Pacific, were also in residence just up the road, Cummings decided to ask his friend Billy James to bring Nancy and her husband to Joy Farm for tea. Nancy immediately accepted the invitation, eager to meet not only a poet she admired, but one who had even been married, though briefly, to her mother.

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When they arrived, Marion kept Roosevelt and the Jameses outside so that Nancy and Cummings could enter the house alone. When the others joined them, Nancy was left "with no place to put this feeling," as the afternoon was consumed in chit-chat and pleasantries. There were probably a couple of other visits after that one, for when the following August Nancy gave birth to a second child, she felt friendly enough with Cummings to write him the news.

By then she had moved into an apartment in Long Island City.

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Late in she called on Cummings at his New York apartment and he asked her if she would be willing to sit for a portrait. With two small children, it was hard for her to get away alone and she was unable to take Cummings up on his offer until the following May. Even then her visits were few, and though she enjoyed talking with Cummings, she found him very reluctant to talk much about Elaine or Thayer, whom she still presumed to be her father.

She usually stayed for tea, but because Marion was always present, there was no possibility of real discussion of matters important to her. Some time in the autumn of , Nancy made a decision to cease sitting for portraits.

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By now Cummings was at work on a second, larger canvas. Her reason was that she found herself falling in love with the year-old painter and felt that if she continued to sit for him, she would succumb to his charm. Her marriage, as it was, was shaky, and she felt that she did not need any extra push from her infatuation with Cummings. She resolved, however, to finish the sessions, as there was just one more needed.

On that day the conversation, as usual, was light. But when Marion was called away, Nancy took the opportunity to ask directly about his brief marriage to her mother, Elaine, which took place three years after Elaine's divorce from Scofield Thayer and lasted just over a month.

This time, Cummings was more forthcoming. According to one account, he talked about Elaine and Elaine's sisters, confessing to Nancy that he always suspected that her aunt Alexis was in love with him.

Finally, Nancy asked about Thayer, whom she referred to as her father. The conversation came to an abrupt halt. After a long pause, Cummings looked at her directly, and asked, "Did anyone ever tell you I was your father? Just at that moment Marion returned. The Cummings collection includes most of the papers that were in his possession at the time of his death. Includes correspondence, manuscripts and working drafts of poems and other writings. There are letters by Cummings to his mother and father, and carbon copies of most of the outgoing letters from the later years of his life.

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Arrangement Organized into the following series:. MS Am Letters to E. Cummings II. MS Am Cummings III. Other poems VII. Tapes and film IX. Miscellaney X. Capitals were used only for special emphasis.

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He was also noted for the use of the lowercase letter "i" in his poems. Cummings was well known for his scrambled words and array of hidden messages. To unlock his messages that are hidden behind his brilliant use of figurative language, you must carefully read between the lines of his poetry. All of his work is brilliant, and different from any other poet. Cummings taok the meaning of the word rational to a whole new level. His work looks like random words and phrases thrown together, and the reader must stop and think beyond the written text.

Cummings was a different breed of poet. He used his unconventional, yet brilliant style to send a message to the reader. In his work, E. Cummings didn't use capital letters, proper punctuation, or proper grammar. He used this to his advantage in mixing the message into the poem. He deliberatley confused the reader by having them follow the winding paths of words he had created because he felt that a straight one would narrow the reader's mind.

He was especially popular among young readers. One of the poems from Tulips and Chimneys was called tumbling hair and looked like this:. Cummings and was based on his experience in the detention camp. At the time of his death, he was the second most widely read poet in the United States, after Robert Frost. His energetic, versatile, and highly articulate father teaches sociology and political science at Harvard in the 's and in is ordained minister of the South Congregational Church, Unitarian, in Boston.

Works for P. Brown's letters home arouse suspicions of French army censor. On September 21, he is arrested together with Cummings, who refuses to dissociate himself from his friend. Both are sent to [the] concentration camp at La Ferte Mace, where they submit to further interrogation. Following strenuous efforts on his father's part, EEC is released December Moves with W. Slater Brown to 11 Christopher Street. Drafted during summer; stationed at Camp Devens until his discharge following Armistice. Meets Elaine Orr, whom he will later marry and who is the mother of his only child, Nancy "Mopsy" , now Mrs.

Kevin Andrews. The marriage will end in divorce. Works seriously at his painting. First number of the new Dial, owned by Scofield Thayer and J. Sibley Watson, with R. Stewart Mitchell as managing editor, comes out in January. Tulips and Chimneys published.

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Him published. Viva published. First show of his paintings, in New York. Henceforth they are rarely apart. New York exhibition of his watercolors. Visit to Tunisia. Guggenheim Fellowship. Eimi, an account of his trip to Russia in , published. A selection of twenty poems, the first volume of his poems to be published in England.