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Learn basic electronics for beginners [Step by step guide]

Relays are used to perform logical operations in computers and telephone exchanges. A switch is an electrical component which is used to break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current and to deliver the current from one conductor to another conductor.

A motor is a device, which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It includes stator, rotor, bearings, conduit box, eyebolt , and enclosure. Electric motors are all around us, from common appliances to our most complicated computers. These motors are clean and relatively competent for the tasks they perform when compared to hydraulic alternatives or pneumatic. A circuit breaker is a mechanical switching device which is operated automatically. Circuit breaker is used to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by short circuit over load.

The basic function of circuit breaker is to interrupt current flow and detect a fault condition. It consists of two contacts such as moving and fixed contact.

Basic Electronics Projects

Moving contact is used to make and break the circuit using stored energies in the form of spring or compressed air. Fixed contact includes a spring which holds the moving contact after closing. Circuit breakers consist of two coils, closing and tripping coil. Where closing coil is used to close the circuit and tripping coil is used to trip the circuit. Thus, these are some of the basic electrical components used in implementing various electrical projects and device or appliances. We hope that you might have got satisfied with this article and believe that you have got an idea about the electrical components.

Apart from this, if you have any queries regarding testing these components in a practical circuit and their assembling procedures, you can comment below. I would imagine that would make it a bit easier to install. Your email address will not be published.

Basic Electronic Circuit

Electrical Components. Resistor with symbol. Capacitor with symbol. Inductor with symbol. Transformer with symbol.

Battery with symbol. Fuse with symbol. Diode with symbol. Integrated Circuit. Circuit Breakers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

There are dozens of Arduino courses available for different skill levels, so you can get an entire Arduino education from Udemy alone. These are sites that feature active communities dedicated to working with Arduino. There is a subreddit for everything under the sun and Arduino is no different. Most of us are intimately familiar with some flavor of Stack Exchange.

Stackexchange is the place to go to find solutions to the problems that tutorials and textbooks always forget or never think to address, which makes it indispensable.

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These are sites that have different Arduino projects and instructions for completing them. Circuit Digest is a site dedicated to all things electronic, with tutorials and articles about all sorts of topics relevant to electronics. Their project section is particularly useful in that it has over projects using different Arduino circuit boards that range from simple to fairly advanced, all of which will give you a wealth of experience working with electronics and Arduino.

Instructables is a site dedicated to people who like to make things themselves, so Arduino is naturally at home on the site. With instructions written by users, the projects found on the site are diverse in terms of skill level, so it might take some time to look around and find projects to meet your skill level. Wow, it still looks so good. It has made me emotional. I am remembering a lot of good memories by now. Coming to the point. I am just saying, normal wires make a circuit look decent. But the problem is once you cut them for one project. There is a very low chance they can be used for another project.

This board is used for mastering soldering skills, in my opinion. I personally used it only for this purpose. This is a very confusing board in the beginning but becomes fine after playing with it. I do not like it. As there is always a good chance of burning components in the soldering process when you are a beginner. It has got two basic types, open and shorted. Open is easy to play with as compared to the short one. The one showing in the above picture is an open type. You would have fun soldering. But be careful not to burn any component by putting solder for a long time on it.

So far we spent enough time learning about components in basic electronics for beginners. I hope you gave them the time they required. It is now perfect to talk about circuit schematic. Every component has to be connected in some way to make a complete circuit for a purpose. To do that we need special drawings to make the design process easy to understand and implement. I mentioned the battery, wires and bulb circuit before. It is a very basic one and easy to understand.

Arduino Starter Kit from Elegoo

All you have to do is just connect the bulb to the battery by connecting wires. To interpret this circuit visually, a schematic is a good solution. You see, the circuit schematic makes it easy and simple. I can understand if I close the switch the bulb will glow, and if I open the switch the bulb will turn off.

Schematic is very important in electronics. It tells you what terminal of a component should be placed to the next component, or what component must place wherein the whole circuit. Let me put the whole thing in simple words. A circuit schematic is guiding diagram which you follow to make a circuit work fine. How can I ignore the importance of good software for beginners?


It is the only place where you try every idea and yet be safe. There are many simulation software out there, like Proteus , Pspice , and Multisim. The one which I like personally is Multisim. It is up to you which simulation software you like and want to go it. My recommendation is to try everyone and then select only one and go with it till the end. The reason I said you should try all because each one has its limitations.

Simple Electronics Projects for Beginners

And with the time you will get to each limitation, so it is good if one software fails you have an idea the next can do it. The first thing in making any circuit is, to know the problem statement. Of-course if you do not know the problem how can you find a solution to it.