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The trip had changed him, giving him a new sense of perspective and broadening his perspective about communities across Australia, he said.

Date for ‘Me Save Solo’ Announced

Especially up north in Queensland," Solomon said. Flying clubs and communities across Australia had thrown in their support, welcoming Solomon and finding places for him to stay, his father Andrew said. They have also helped raise money for Angel Flight, a charity helping people in remote areas access specialist medical treatment, Andrew said. Solomon's trip. Picture: www. Another record attempt was not on Solomon's horizon, but Andrew would love to go too if another plan is hatched.

More: Bendigo pilot, 15, stops in Mount Isa on trip around Australia. He had to do so much, doing so much of the training, understanding those safety requirements, meeting people.

Date for ‘Me Save Solo’ Announced - Solomon Times Online

To donate, click here and follow the links. Have you signed up to the Bendigo Advertiser's daily newsletter and breaking news emails? Today, Joel spends most of his time alone on the island — with only the feathered Kennedy for company. I clean, rake, maintain the buildings, tend bar til the evening, then I rest.

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War tourism is a huge market in the Solomon Islands. As an Australian couple paddles lazily beyond the beach, Joel admits that life on the island can sometimes get boring. For many, escaping to a desert island is a lifelong fantasy. But the reality is a different story.

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Njari Island belongs on a postcard: a carpet of pristine bone-white sand rolling seamlessly into the deep blue Pacific. Only a glimpse of a modest house within spoils the illusion.

The short, balmy walk to the edge of paradise is his commute, and his young daughter, his co-worker. His boss is an hour away, on another island. He and his daughter spend most days entirely alone, in one of the most populous sites on the planet.

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Beyond the shore, beneath the waves, is the underwater equivalent of Times Square. That diversity gives it the fourth-highest fish count of any dive site in the world. The Kennedys bought the island in to use as a snorkelling site. Until that time, locals had used the island for fishing. To keep trespassers away, the Kennedys needed a ranger to live on the island. Once they found Joseph, the fishing stopped.

Grand Central Station has become a hotspot for visiting cruise ships and school excursions. In , Townsville plumber Allan John Gill received a business proposition from Terry, his friend of 44 years. It was a fascination Terry shared.

Terry ran the resort while Gilly handled the maintenance. Two years ago, Terry died, leaving Gilly alone on Imagination Island. The resort is built onto the island itself, and largely sits over a vibrant coral reef. Guests can snorkel, swim and scuba, go on fishing trips, village tours and even visit the extinct Kolombangara volcano. For year-old Gilly, the activities are a little different.